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Monday, March 5, 2012

GoldMinerPulse Special Research Services

Introducing GoldMinerPulse Special Research Services, including reasonably-priced legal research, writing and advocacy for investors in Canada's booming mining sector. Strategies to protect minority shareholders in business combinations, takeovers - how to attack and prevent insider share trades during these crucial, most often top-secret negotiations, when to call on securities authorities, who are legally obliged to protect informants and the nature of their inquiries. E-mail for a quote. 

Follow decisions by Canadian securities authorities concerning miners at Miners at the Commish at Facebook.

Follow decsisions by Canadian courts concerning miners at the Miners in Court Facebook group.


  1. Highlights of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (DPAC) convention in Toronto, Ont., March, 2012 - Federal Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver promises a stepped up, streamlined approval process for mining to help Canada exploit the higher prices Asia-Pacific will pay compared to the U.S. for our energy - Consult properly before mine development with First Nations or the only people to make money will be the lawyers. More at Miners in Court -

  2. - NEW! GoldMinerPulse Gold and Silver eBook

    One-stop shopping for investors comparing the value of TSX/TSXv gold and silver mining companies. Unique metrics and observations obtained from reviewing thousands of public disclosures on the 500+ companies!

    eBook Abstract, v1.1

    The GoldMinerPulse eBook, which I plan to publish at regular intervals still to be decided, is an independent reference guide to the 513 gold and silver mining companies trading on the TSX / TSXv Exchanges in Toronto. A comparison of reserves and production recorded in disclosures filed under Canada's strict financial reporting rules (see Review of BC Securities Commission Decisions and Orders, March, 2011 blog) with production and reserve U.S. Geological Survey National Minerals Information Center (USGS) stats reveals that companies trading on the TSX / TSXv now control more than a third of the world's annual gold production.

    Most of the eBook concerns the 416 companies with a resource of at least 15% in situ metal value derived from either gold or silver. These are then sub-divided further into the following categories: Producers (119), companies in full mine production, Developers (91), companies advancing one or more deposits toward production and Explorers (206), companies primarily focused on expanding their resources. I also include Stream Companies (6), virtual miners that pre-purchase mine production at a fixed price in exchange for upfront fees to fund mine development.

    This unique compendium is published from a model and tracking process which I maintain daily by recording the companies' disclosures and monitoring various news sources. The content is current as of the eBook effective date. The eBook provides a broad, authoritative view of the companies individually and in various categories (see below) in just one clickable document. Each company identified by name and exchange trading symbol(s) is listed with a link to its home page as well as a concise record of enterprise value, fully diluted share estimate, dividends, current assets value, current liabilities, issued stock trend (sTrend), retained earnings or accumulated deficit trend (eTrend), average ore value per tonne, reserves, resources, and production trends.